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Underwear Collection - Exclusive Launch


What happend?

Guests were invited to a hidden location for a house party to showcase their new line of silk underwear. The party was a cozy affair, with soft lighting and comfortable seating arranged throughout the space. Attendees chatted and sipped on their drinks as they waited for the unveiling of the new line. The attendees were impressed by the quality and luxurious feel of the garments. The brand's commitment to ethical production practices was also a highlight of the evening, with many guests expressing their appreciation for the brand's dedication to sustainability and fair labor practices. As the night went on, guests continued to chat and mingle, enjoying the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the party. Overall, it was an evening filled with good company, great conversation, and a beautiful showcase of the brand's commitment to ethical fashion.

An evening to remember...

Lovely People. Lovely Evening.

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