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Circular Orbit

Our journey to becoming a fully sustainable fashion brand is long, however we are offering some additional services to accelerate the progress. The goal of these actions is to reduce the need of creating new fashion and maintaining the beauty we have already created.


Fancy dinner date or a Job interview coming up but don't want to purchase even more clothing? We can discuss borrowing options for your favourite HACOY style.

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Your clothing piece has been damaged? Our repair service is free of charge, as we believe in preservation of beauty and long-term sustainability.

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You are no longer happy with our clothing piece or want to purchase something new? We can purchase it back from you.

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Garments reborn with scraps. Everyone deserves a second chance and so does our clothing.

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Feeling deep gratitude for life and positivity? This playlist is for you.



Feeling cared for, warmth or perhaps need a sound hug? This playlist is for you.



Feeling at ease with the joy of the present moment? This playlist is for you.