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Made in Ferrara, Italy

Italy is the world's leading producer of luxury fashion. Moreover, italian fashion has a long tradition of craftsmanship that has always given high value to the quality of fabrics. Therefore, we partnered with a family-owned business in Ferrara Italy, with experience in the sustainable production of activewear, swimwear and underwear.

Regionally sourced fabrics

We tend to buy locally in order to avoid emissions of CO2 due to transport and to make sure there are no garment workers that could be in risk of modern slavery in certain countries.

Fabrics that are processed at this production include Silk and Lycra.

Our activewear is OEKO-TEX certified, which means that the dying process contains no harmful chemicals and the waste that is produced is biodegradable.

Small scale production

Fewer style choices gives the production time to manufacture in an artisanal way. This promotes craftmanship and creativity.

Socially responsible brand

The production of our products undergoes the highest standards of industrial, environmental and social sustainability. All of this to make sure we follow our own commitment towards a worldwide challenge of rethinking the future of the planet and the fashion industry. Everyone involved acts with extreme care and team effort.


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