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We believe in collaborative efforts for a fairer future.


Fashion is a combined effort of responsibility and functionality.

Our Sustainability approach goes further than taking care of the environment. At HACOY, we put people and their working conditions first. This is the reason we call ourselves the Ethical Fashion Brand.

Sustainability in Mind, Not in Marketing

Honesty is very important to us and we believe that it is the basis of any kind of relationship. We are aware that we are producing clothing in an already overpopulated eco-system. However, we aim to revolutionize luxury and design by creating fashion in the most environmentally-friendly manner.

Learning, Adapting, Transforming

One of our goals by 2030 is to become the most sustainable fashion brand we can be. This includes identifying the right processes, calculating and recording data, and investing into a large portion and resources into finding new technologies.

Slow Fashion for the Patient Mind

We believe responsibility is shared between the brand and the client. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis. That is why we strongly believe in Slow Fashion: Fashion is created seasonless, employee's and partners working conditions are key and manufacturing timelines are flexible.

Ask yourself, do you really need this piece of clothing now?


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