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The Meaning
Stronger than a feeling, happiness is a state of well-being that most individuals strive for. Not letting the small iritations of the world distract you from the beauty that is life.
Comfort is the safest place we know. It comes in many forms, but the comfort within is the one we seek mostly through clothes, words, feelings.
An estatic feeling that passes quickly. Due to its nature of shortness, this emotion can be felt often. Hearing good news from a loved one is a great example.
Founder of HACOY Maximilian Rupp sitting in a orange chair in his office and working in the home office

HACOY was born by a simple yet unfulfilled necessity. The pandemic increased the -Home Office Mode- and there was more than enough comfortable clothing to wear, but these were not elegant enough to look presentable for a meeting. 

This pandemic also brought awareness about feeling good, enjoying life and changing the work culture. HACOY aims to explore clothing as a state of mind, being aware of your surroundings and being comfortable in your clothes and self. Ultimately, also sharing this with the world.

Enhance your performance at work with comfortable wear.


This playlist is for you to feel deep gratitude for life and think positive.



This playlist is for you to feel cared for, receive warmth and help deal with the bad days.



This playlist is for you to enjoy the moment and share the energy with others.