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Hi friend,

Welcome to the Houseparty.

What is the reason for this?

Not that we need one, but here are three...

Launching Underwear

Elegant. Comfortable. Sexy. You name it. We cover all points. And your private parts.

Maximilan's Birthday

Our Founder is turning 27. Not a special number, expect for all the legends that joined club 27. Don't worry, he will not. He is not a legend yet.

Celebrating One Year

of sharing our clothing. We will have launched four different collections and we want to thank everyone that has been part of our story until now. Either by purchasing one of our products, sending us a feedback email or just hating on our instagram content. It means the world to us.

More details will be shared to you personally.

If you are in Munich on the evening of the 13th of January 2023 and would like to join us, please send us a quick email here or to

We are looking forward to an unforgetable evening with



Cette liste de lecture vous permet de ressentir une profonde gratitude pour la vie et de penser positif.



Cette liste de lecture vous permet de vous sentir aimé, de recevoir de la chaleur et de vous aider à faire face aux mauvais jours.



Cette liste de lecture vous permet de profiter du moment et de partager l'énergie avec les autres.